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Meanwhile, Francesa was a midday and weekend host at WFAN, and was known to be knowledgeable but somewhat dry on-air. Like Russo, Francesa got the attention of Imus when he made an on-the-air bet with Francesa that Seton Hall University 's basketball team would not make the Final Four in the NCAA tournament . Imus promised Francesa a new Porsche if Seton Hall made the Final Four, which they did. Though Imus found a way around the bet, the dialogue between the two is considered to be among the classic moments in the history of Imus in the Morning . [2] [3]

Russo was nearly apoplectic over Scott being one of WFAN’s choices and called him out for his toxic relationship with the New York media while playing for the Jets and his lack of knowledge about New York sports. On multiple occasions, Russo referenced that Scott was from Detroit and made a name for himself by playing with the Baltimore Ravens. He also brought up Scott being replaced by Nate Burleson on CBS’s NFL pregame show.

Mike Russo - The Dellwoods - Mad Mike Russo - The Dellwoods - Mad Mike Russo - The Dellwoods - Mad Mike Russo - The Dellwoods - Mad